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Non-invasive advanced flow measurement solutions for multiple applications

Posted June 23, 2022  |  News

Valeport Water’s doppler flowmeter was originally designed for operation within waste water pipelines where the flow was potentially slow and the water full of debris. ATEX certification was a requirement and the ATEX approved Type 810 doppler flowmeter was developed for safe use in hazardous areas where potentially explosive atmospheres are present.

However, not every installation requires ATEX certification and the restrictions that come with it.  So Valeport created the  Type 812 doppler flowmeter delivering identical functionality as the Type 810, but without ATEX and the associated restrictions.

Having successfully achieved the goal of in-pipe waste water flow metering, Valeport was keen to test the capability of the Type 812 in more situations including open channels and rivers.

Valeport’s flowmeters with their robust build quality and reliability are designed for tough environments. In a recent project Valeport Water was asked by a client to monitor the water flow in a stream at a location where there was no power locally or infrastructure to log the data.

The solution was to combine the Type 812 doppler flowmeter with Valeport’s EnviroLog 4G Telemetry Unit.  EnviroLog 4G is a rugged, ultra-low-power 4G remote control, telemetry and logging module for harsh environmental conditions.  It has an industry-leading range of data collection, delivery and management options, effectively a “platform” offering fully scriptable operational scenarios for the collection, handling and delivery of data.  These scenarios can be updated remotely.

New scripts were developed to control, log and telemeter Type 812 flow data back to Valeport’s data hosting site every six hours.  In addition, a new facility was developed to allow diagnostic data to be collected to help understand the environment and aid instrument optimisation.

A clever feature of the EnviroLog 4G is a magnetic switch that when triggered the unit will ‘phone home’, telemeter any data stored on board, pick up any updates from the server and then return to normal operation.



Valeport extended this functionality to include a ‘diagnostics’ trigger.  Diagnostic data was observed then bundled up with stored flow data and telemetered to Valeport.Cloud when triggered by the magnet or at a time programmed into the operational script.

With the enhanced EnviroLog 4G interfaced with the Type 812, Valeport delivered an accurate and reliable flow measurement solution to the client, without any need for expert intervention.

Real-time data at your fingertips

The Type 812 provides a field-proven flow measurement solution for fixed or open channel applications, even in remote and harsh conditions. It incorporates the low noise electronics to drive propriety Digital Signal Processing techniques that provide measurements in both waste and clean water with flow rates as low as 0.01ms-1 and up to 5 ms-1.

This smart sensor delivers real time monitoring of flow rates and stores data in the cloud to allow users remote data access.

Measuring the flow velocity is a vital part of calculating flow volume, the other factors are the cross-sectional area of the channel and the water level within it.  The channel profile must be measured, whether regular and square, or irregular with the application of a template. An accurate, atmospherically compensated pressure sensor to measure the water level is easily interfaced to the EnviroLog 4G.  The timestamped flow and water level data is then telemetered and applied to the template and the flow volume calculated.


Key features of the Type 812 flowmeter

  • Bi-directional flow
  • High accuracy velocity measurement
    (temperature and sound speed correction)
  • Digital signal processing and filtering
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Direct data output, open protocol
    velocity | quality metric |volume (with level input)
  • Expert mode for data diagnostics
  • Three year warranty