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Type 810 ATEX Doppler Velocity Flowmeter

Valeport’s Type 810 is a self-contained continuous wave doppler flowmeter that offers industry-standard performance coupled with robust build quality and reliability, all backed up by Valeport’s exceptional customer service and support mechanisms.

It incorporates all of the low noise electronics to drive propriety Digital
Signal Processing techniques that provide measurements in both waste
and clean water with flow rates as low as 0.01ms-1 and up to 5 ms-1. Even
in very shallow water (0.15 to 0.20m) accuracies of better than 0.01ms-1
can be achieved.

The Type 810 has its own height | surface lookup tables. With a real-time
height data interface (Modbus or SDI-12), flow can be calculated directly.
Used stand-alone or as part of an integrated solution the Type 810 is
compatible with 3rd party data loggers, telemetry and SCADA systems:
• SDI-12 | RS232 | RS485-Modbus RTU direct from the unit.

The Type 810 derives a quality figure for the calculated flow measurement

The level of integrity of flow measurement is calculated using two factors:
Flow Balance and Signal Level. The Flow Balance is an indication of
how laminar the flow is, while the Signal Level is the spread of point
measurements compared to the final calculated flow value over a period
of observation. A quick, simple metric that gives you confidence in the
system’s performance.

Key Features:

  • High accuracy velocity measurement even in very shallow water
  • Low power consumption
  • Bi-directional flow measurement
  • Digital signal processing and filtering
  • Velocity measurement: temperature and sound speed correction
  • Integrated temperature
  • Direct data output:
    Open Protocol – Velocity | Quality Metric | Volume (with level input)
  • Expert mode for data diagnostics
  • 3 year warranty


Open Channel and Pipeline flow monitoring for:

  • Industrial & Treatment plants | Wastewater networks | Sewers | Canals | Rivers | Streams
  • Trade Effluent & Discharge surveys – Diagnostics
  • Flow check surveys
  • Flood & CSO monitoring
  • Stand-alone & Integrated solutions
  • Permanent installation
  • Temporary deployment


Type 810 Datasheet
Type 810 Datasheet - Italian
Type 810 Technical Documentation


Valeport Water Configure

Valeport Water Configure has been introduced to simplify the configuration of instruments prior to deployment.

Technical Specifications


The Type 810 Flowmeter measures the flow of water
using the principle of Doppler shift. A signal of 1MHz
is transmitted from a dedicated transmit transducer,
the reflected signal is received at a dedicated receive
transducer. The change in frequency is resolved using DSP techniques and a flow speed determined.
The speed of sound in water, important for accurate
doppler shift determination, can be a fixed value or constantly updated through temperature observation and a user defined conductivity value.

Operational Performance

Flow: Bi-Directional
from a minimum of 0.01 ms-1
to a maximum of 5.0 ms-1
Steady, fully developed flow (note 1)
Resolution Less than 0.5 ms-1 ±0.01 ms-1
Greater than 0.5 ms-1 ±2%
with uniform velocity profile and known water conductivity
Resolution 0.001 ms-1
(note 1 - Field performance is site specific)
Temperature Measurement
from a minimum of -10º C
to a maximum of +85º C
Accuracy ±0.5º C
Resolution 0.5º C
Minimum water level
15mm to 20mm above the base of the sensor
Transducers to be fully wetted


External Power
9 to 28 V DC
Power Consumption
standby: 14mA
operating: 25mA
(at 12 V)
10 core, 8 mm diameter Polyether
Polyurethane cable with integral strain cord
Bare leads
Amphenol: 62GB-56T12-10SN (metal)
Souriau: UTS6JC12E10S (plastic)
10 … 100m - ATEX
10 … 300m - non ATEX
(in 10 metre steps)

Operational Characteristics

from a minimum of -20º C
to a maximum of +60º C
from a minimum of -20º C
to a maximum of +70º C
IP68 | NEMA 6
Units - user selectable options
ms-1 | fs-1
ºC | ºF
Single measurement
Continuous measurement
Flow Speed | Temperature | Quality Metric | Diagnostics
Digital Communication
Hardware \ Protocol RS232 \ # commands
RS485 \ Modbus RTU
SDI-12 \ SDI-12

Physical Characteristics

PVDF | Polyurethane | Stainless Steel 316
Length 122 mm
Breadth 46 mm
Height 19 mm
1.1 kg with 10m of cable
Underside: 3x M3 female mounting points


The Type 810 is tested to an in-house specification. These tests are conducted using procedures defined by the manufacturer


Valeport Water supply Valeport’s Configure Windows software for instrument set up


Amphenol (metal) connector
Souriau (plastic) connector
Where xx is the cable length

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