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1713 Route de Robion
84300 Cavaillon
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FluoTechnik, the specialist in environmental tracing solutions, offers a wide range of fluorescent and saline tracers dedicated to environmental engineering and hydrogeology professionals.

Their policy of innovation and partnership with the world’s best laboratories and manufacturers enables them to offer very high quality tracing solutions, together with technical and logistical support services to meet your requirements.

The growing demand for hydrological expertise requiring the use of artificial tracers is mainly motivated by the challenges of water resource management and the increase in the transport of polluting materials.

Thanks to this technique, the fluorescence and salinity properties of the tracers will allow the identification of the water’s points of origin, the flow areas, the hydraulic connections, as well as the risks of propagation of polluting substances.

The results obtained can answer these questions in a formal way and thus contribute to making economic and social actors aware of their environmental impact.

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