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Field Fluorimeter Data Telemetry Solution

Posted February 15, 2023  |  Application Notes News

Sarpi Remediation is a French company specialising in the treatment and recovery of hazardous waste material, including effluent, gasses and soil.

Sarpi Remediation were contracted to assess the potential transfer of waste within an industrial site and ultimately the required soil remediation that might be needed as a result of such a transfer.  This would be achieved by using field fluorometers tracing dye introduced at one point on the site and monitoring for its arrival at points across the site.

The engineering team responsible for coordinating the project and ultimately processing the collected data would not be on-site during the operational survey which would extend for up to 15 days.  For this reason, it was necessary to provide specific dye-tracing fluorometers working in tandem with a data telemetry system.  This telemetry system would provide real-time, remote data monitoring.  Further, the equipment package offered two-way communication between the off-site control centre and the installed equipment to allow changes to the data collection scenario and data upload schedule.

To meet the objectives set out in the contract PMH, in partnership with FluoTechnik, designed a solution utilising Valeport Water’s fluorometry instruments – Hyperion, interfaced to an EnviroLog 4G telemetry system.

To allow for real-time data monitoring, the EnviroLog 4G was set up to observe for the presence of dye, every 5 minutes and telemeter the data back to Valeport.Cloud, the online data hosting and download platform, every 10 minutes.

The package was provided on a rental basis for the duration of the project.


The Sarpi Remediation Gennevilliers teams appreciated the data quality and real-time dye tracing and monitoring solution provided and the technical assistance provided at the start and throughout the project by the Valeport Water teams.