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Hyperion Phycocyanin

Valeport Water’s Hyperion Phycocyanin sensor delivers high-performance measurements of Phycocyanin (freshwater Blue-Green algae) in a compact and robust package ideal as a standalone sensor (with external power and logger e.g. EnviroLog) for AUV integration or used as part of a multi-sensor array.

Offered as standard in a 6,000m depth rated, titanium housing the Hyperion Fluorometer has a wide range (9-28V DC) isolated power supply, data output up to 16Hz and RS232, RS485 with ASCII and Modbus RTU communication protocols.

Hyperion offers an industry-leading dynamic range with no adjustment of gain settings required. The dynamic,  detection range for the Phycocyanin Fluorometer is 0 to 9,000 ppb.

Hyperion Fluorometers can be supplied in a ruggedised form that includes acetal protection rings, a shaped anti-snag connector cover and a kevlar weave protected cable for operation in borehole applications.

Cyanobacteria | Freshwater Blue-Green Algae

Cyanobacteria (or blue-green algae) are photosynthetic bacteria that occur naturally in surface waters. Under certain conditions of light, temperature and nutrient levels cyanobacteria can multiply rapidly, forming a bloom. Some Cyanobacteria produce toxins which pose health risks for humans and animals. The EU Bathing Waters Directive, therefore, requires monitoring for these blue-green algae blooms.

Testing for the actual toxins is possible by means of laboratory analysis of water samples, but this can be costly and time-consuming. However, cyanobacteria contain a fluorescent pigment called Phycocyanin, which can be detected in real-time using a Valeport Hyperion fluorometer. The Hyperion uses narrow bandpass filters on both excitation and emission wavelengths to ensure that the response is specific to Phycocyanin and not affected by false-positive results from normal Chlorophyll a fluorescence.


Hyperion Phycocyanin Datasheet
Hyperion Phycocyanin Datasheet - French
Hyperion Phycocyanin Datasheet - Italian
Hyperion Optical Sensors Operating Manual
Technical drawings


Valeport Configure
Valeport Configure App Software Operating Manual

Technical Specifications

Sensor Specification


590 nm
650 nm
Dynamic Range
0-9000 ppb
Minimum Detection
2 ppb
(3x SD in RO water)
0.99 R²
Response Time
0.03 to 2 sec
Output Rate
0.5Hz to 16Hz (free running) software controlled
*calibrated against Phycocyanin in water\Phosphate buffer solutions.


Titanium with sapphire glass window
Depth Rating
40mmØ x 179.5mm (including connector)
0.50 kg (in air)
0.26 kg (in water)
Operating Temp
-5°C to 35°C
(the sensor is damaged above 60°C)


9 – 28V DC Isolated
SubConn MCBH6F


The instrument will operate in real-time, with set up performed by direct communications with a PC before and after deployment.

RS232 | RS485
2400 - 230400 baud rate
8 data bits | 1 stop bit | No Parity | No Flow Control
USB: supplied cable and converter (RS232 to USB)
RS485 Modbus RTU (standard)
19200 baud rate
8 data bits | 1 stop bit | Even Parity | No Flow Control


Valeport Configure has been introduced to simplify the configuration of instruments prior to deployment.

Valeport Configure


Hyperion Phycocyanin
Supplied with
• Y lead
• Manual and transit case
• Valeport Configure Software
Hyperion to EnviroLog System interface cable (various lengths available)
Hyperion Sensor Guard Set

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