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Cetrahe is an R&D, expertise, technology transfer and diffusion unit of the University of Orleans, which relies on a strong academic specialization in artificial hydrogeological tracing, and a long practice of collaborative interface with companies, communities and government services in the field of water resource management. It was created in 2009 as part of the 2007-2013 State-Region (Centre) Project Contract, in conjunction with the Durabilité de la Ressource en Eau Associée aux Milieux cluster, which has become the DREAM Eau & Milieux ecotechnologies competitiveness cluster (and a member of France Water Team, the French Water Industry competitiveness cluster).

Cetrahe’s main missions are:

  • Consulting and analytical expertise in artificial tracing (fluorescent and saline tracers) and analysis of water composition, in support of design and engineering offices, water treaters and other industrialists, water syndicates, technical services of local authorities, state services, control and research laboratories, associations.
  • The provision of field equipment (fluorometers, automatic samplers) within the framework of partnerships to assist in the implementation of water tracing and analysis operations and the management of wetlands and associated areas.
  • R&D collaborations in these fields, as well as in support of academic research for the characterization of the composition, quality and pollutant load (fluorescent organic compounds, dissolved ions) of water, solutions, leachates, and hydrogeochemical and environmental monitoring.
  • Continuous training in hydrogeological tracing, unique in French-speaking Europe (in collaboration with a Belgian partner, European Water Tracing Services, Aquapole of the University of Liege, BRGM, the Calligée design office and the Service de formation continue et d’apprentissage of the University of Orléans), with 2 days of initiation courses, and 5 days of specialization and improvement in practice.
  • A technical learning nursery for students of all levels and engineering students, through the reception of interns, doctoral and post-doctoral students, engineering projects, and theoretical and practical teaching.
  • The dissemination of knowledge for all audiences (professionals, researchers, students and students, teachers, elected officials, citizens) on water tracing and analysis techniques and their applications to the sustainable management of water resources, natural environments and the environment, through articles, public reports, technical notes, conferences, posters, videos, most of which are available on its website.

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