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Laboratory evaluation of Hyperion fluorometers for Hydrogeological Tracing

Posted February 24, 2022  |  Application Notes News Resources


The Cetrahe R&D unit (R&D Unit for Expertise and Transfer in Tracing Applied to Hydrogeology and the Environment of the University of Orléans, France) was asked to design and perform a validation programme to evaluate the sensitivity and measurement accuracy of Hyperion fluorometers manufactured by Valeport Water against Cetrahe’s spectrofluorometer (Hitachi Spectrofluorometer F-2500) by carrying out fluorescence measurements for different concentrations of Uranine (Fluorescein) and Sulforhodamine B.

In order to carry out measurements with both the fluorometer and the spectrofluorometer, a simple methodology was drawn up.

Solutions with different and unknown concentrations were made and the concentrations were measured with both the Spectrofluorometer and the Hyperion.  The results can be seen in the graph below.


Conclusion of the laboratory evaluation

An extract from the report written by Cetrahe: “The raw results show consistent values between the measurements obtained by the fluorometer and the laboratory’s spectrofluorometer. […] The first series of tests showed a very good sensitivity of the “Valeport” fluorometer with regard to the detection of the two tracers and a very honourable measurement performance.

These laboratory tests with Cetrahe demonstrated good measurement quality and accuracy of Valeport Water’s Hyperion fluorometer compared to a reference spectrometer.

For site installation

Offered as standard in titanium housing the Hyperion Fluorometer has a wide range (9-28V DC) isolated power supply, data output up to 16Hz and RS232, RS485 and Modbus RTU communication protocols.

For site installation, in association with Hyperion fluorometer, Valeport Water offers two different standalone data loggers for a complete measuring solution.

Water Quality Sensors

The EnviroLog

A standalone environmental hub that incorporates everything required for a survey operation: Data display, data logging and battery power in a small robust package.


EnviroLog 4G

A rugged, ultra-low-power 4G remote control, telemetry and logging module providing a flexible solution for harsh environmental conditions. It has an industry-leading range of data collection, delivery and management options.

EnviroLog 4G