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Eurokast 2024

Posted June 13, 2024  |  News

Eurokarst is the European bi-annual conference on the Hydrogeology of Karst and Carbonate Reservoirs. This years event is being held in Rome from 10-14 June.
The last Eurokarst took place in Malaga (Spain) from 22 to 25 June.

With more than 200 participants, the conference was well attended. The majority of the attendees were academics along with a few survey companies and suppliers.

Many showed interest in our Hyperion Fluorometer range for applications such as dye tracing campaigns and to be used in conjunction with our Envirolog or Envirolog 4G sysytems.

Valeport Water is proud to have sponsored a successful event. Thank you you the Eurokarst 2024 and members of the University of Sapienza for organising.